Instrument re-amp and drum replacement

​MV Studios  has a  team of professional musicians and sound engineers to process your instrument lines with a vast choice of audio processors and amplifiers. Just send us a track in need of re-amping and we'll send it back to you.

There is also a drum replacement service be it sample replacing or re-recording, offering a choice between our professional drummers and an excellent recording room. A wide range of drum kits is also available for costumer choice. It's as easy as sending us the necessary files and our team will take care of the rest, providing the client with a multi track drum recording with and without processing.

MV Studios has an online service dedicated to DJs, composers and instrument MIDI programming. Upon receiving all the specifications for the instrument MIDI samples required it will be sent back fully programmed.

Music production

MV Studios provide an extended choice of  music composition services for Cinema, games, animation, TV, publicity, institutional ​videos and WEB applications. There are also sound design services and access to extensive samples banks such as:

Drum/Sound Loops for DJs, Funk and R&B, Film, Special effects Samples, stereo and surround 5.1 for media.

Bands/Ensembles also have the option of having their music produced by a specialized team for optimal creative development.

Mixing and mastering services

MV Studios provides online full editing and mastering services worldwide.

WE have a safe system where the client can send their multitrack audio, we mix and edit the audio to high standards according to the music stile using creative mixing technics. We don't have standard ways to mix and master different music styles, we work together with the client to have their music sounds as the project stands for. 

MV Studios send a master copy back through  the file transfer system, during the mixing process the client can follow the different stages of his project via Skype. 

 Online Services

Video post-production and photography.

MV Studios provide video and photography services such as color correcting, editing and effects.

We have an in-house full service on video editing. The client does not need to be in the premises to follow the process if unable,  you can send us the video material and keep up with the editing at any time via Skype. 

We also have photographers with equipment to provide aerial photography or photo shoots, assisting through all sorts of requirements for your promotional campaigns.  

All the support you need in just a click

MV Studios provides online services for amateur and professional musicians, audio mixing, mastering, and a wide range of other services.

It´s just a simple process of sending us the files with the personalized options and specifications you want so our team of professional musicians and producers can do the best for you and your work.

Musician Online Services