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Forgotten Suns @ MV Studios

Miguel Valadares April 2013

Samora from Forgotten Suns assemble his drums and Miguel Valadares placing Microphones to start recording drums in MV Studios.
The drums kit ware assembles a tuner accurately in order to have a natural sound of the elements. With the help of a precise positioning of the 16 microphones and a studied acoustic panels in the recording room.

Recording room @ MV Studios​

Henry Nesbitt April 2013

MV Studios done the final acoustic adjustments in the recording room. Our live room have great response to the needs. We use for recording bands using the 3 different sound dynamics of the room. The Red room have excellent environment for rehearsals.

MV studios use this room for video live sessions recorded in video with exclusive interviews with the bands elements. We also record sound products tutorials and presentations with the manufacturers. Keep tuned for the latest videos.

New album in pre production @ MV Studios

Forgotten Suns  February 2013

Forgotten Suns finished pre-production for their recording section at MV Studios.
After Ricardo Falcão structure all the new musics with João Samora, Forgotten suns have been the last months recording the guide lines. In April 2013 will start recording the drums @ MV Studios.

Forgotten Suns recorded their first songs for their last album.

Daniel C. Rodrigues May 2013

Forgotten Suns finished recording the first 4 themes of their album for 2013.
The drums have been recorded with a set of 16 microphones all accurately positioned in order to get a round and a punchy sound of all segments of the drums. The bass guitar was recorded strait to the Cubase session with  a Radial DI box and the guitar using different amplifiers settings to get the best sound.
The keyboards used are a Yamaha using great samples either for MV Studios or Ernesto's .