​MV Studios audio services​

MV Studios offer a wide range of services from pre-production to post-production on video and sound, to fiction, documentary, video clips and corporate video. Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering services. MV Studios strive for quality and creativity in both studio and field recording.


MV studios works with a group of highly qualified and award winning professionals to support artists and companies, providing a wide range of services. We support projects from several internationally renowned musicians, emerging talents as well as represent musicians from different continents.





. Recording

. Mixing 

. Composition
. Mastering
. Audio Production for music, games, TV and film
. Editing/Sound processing for music and film
. Sound Design and field recording for documentaries and  fiction
. Music production



MV studios provides services for video and film, from pre to post-production for fiction, documentary and institutional videos, focusing on quality and creativity.


. Editing
. Recording
. Post-production

About us

"The strength that motivates us to do more and better is the excellent response received from our clients around the world about the work we do. The team considers each project it takes on as unique in it's essence and we respect it because, in the end, the magic power of art and creativity is what matters most to us".    

​Miguel Valadares, (Production manager & Founder of MV Studios)​