MV Studios are equipped with the best software and hardware tools for your production's needs. Universal Audio suit, Full Waves Collection, Pro Tools 11, Steinberg Nuendo 6 and the use of hardware brands such as Apogee, Euphonix or AMS-Neve. 

MV Studios also feature high resolution recording in DSD, ensuring the best possible results between mixing and mastering stages. The best possible listening environment is created with carefully studied acoustics and multiple ADAM speaker systems.

Music composition

MV Studios provide an extended choice of  music composition services for Cinema, games, animation, TV, publicity, institutional ​videos and WEB applications. There are also sound design services and access to extensive samples banks such as:

Drum/Sound Loops for DJs, Funk and R&B, Film, Special effects Samples, stereo and surround 5.1 for media.

Bands/Ensembles also have the option of having their music produced by a specialized team for optimal creative development.

Audio mixing services 

MV STUDIOS is an audio company that looks after their clients providing services both online and in-studio.

We have recording, editing, mixing and mastering services for music, games and audiovisuals.
MV Studios has a large and spacious live room that is acoustically flexible, allowing for recordings in both large live spaces as well as small dead ones.

Session Drumming / Reamping / Drum Replacement

Reamping includes a variety of options between amplifiers, cabinets and pedals.

At MV Studios you also have the choice of hiring one of our session drummers as well as what kit they play for your projects.

We have a wide library of both professionally released samples and our own private collection.

Audio Production