Luís Logrado (Licas Jr), was born in Lisbon on June 26, 1993. Son of a father's love for drums, Luis was born with a drum set at home. Between six months and three years old, he showed enough interest and talent for drums.
After a long 8 year pause, he returned with great grit and determination. Studied videos from Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Akira Jimbo, Virgil Donati, Thomas Lang, Mike Mangini, Marco Minnemann, Travis Orbin, among others, developing his technique and style.
He bought his first drum set with financial help from their parents, uncles, piggy bank and counted with the help of a great drummer, Daniel Rodrigues, in choosing the right drums and also teaching the right techniques.
In 2007 he participated in the "Yamaha Drum Sessions" contest, placing in 2nd place.
In 2008 Luis participated in the master class, "Evora Cidade da Bateria" organized by Yamaha, where he had the opportunity to learn from drummers such as Pedro Barceló, Eduardo Lopes, Patti Ballinas, Wolfgang Haffner and Billy Cobham.
An experienced studio performer, currently drummer for the bands: “After The Break” and “Defying Control”, which plays from north to south of Portugal doing concerts. Luis is also known on the Internet, where on YouTube already has almost half a million views, and one of the Portuguese drummers most viewed on YouTube.

Luís Logrado